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Net Radar is now also available on iOS

Net Radar for iOS is a tool to triple-check the correct working of a VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad, and to check the current public IP address and the associated geographical location.

The VPN check is triple because Net Radar checks the internet connection on two specific VPN aspects internally on your device, and it checks the connection externally by using a location service. The resulting data and verdict are presented in an attractive Status view, which includes a map showing the geographical location of the current public IP address of your internet connection.

Net Radar offers you the option to log network connection activities. This is default disabled, to protect your privacy. For example, logging can be useful when you want to check the reliability of a VPN service. Does it work without interruptions? Does it connect to the promised geographical location? The resulting data can be examined in the Console view and even exported to apps like Numbers and Excel.

Net Radar 1.2

More info and screenshots can be found in the Net Radar product page or in the App Store. Additional technical info can be found in the Help and FAQ pages.

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