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News Explorer 1.8.3: New options and fixes

News Explorer 1.8.3 contains a few new features and some bug-fixes.

  • Added a new option Auto fix invalid feeds. When enabled, News Explorer will try to parse feeds that are normally rejected. This takes more time and processor power, and is therefore default disabled. The current implementation is limited to parsing invalid configured Wordpress feeds.
  • Fixed and improved rendering of code within <pre> and <code> html tags.
  • Fixed some other article rendering issues as well, mostly related to images.
  • The image extraction algorithm has been improved and extended.
  • The built-in Readability engine has been updated.
  • The poster image returned by the Mercury engine is now displayed, when available and applicable.

The following changes are specific for the macOS version of News Explorer:

  • The URL context menu in the article viewer has been improved and extended. You can now directly copy, open, preload and share any link within every article, including the built-in sharing to Instapaper and Pocket.
  • Added VoiceOver options Skip feed titles and Skip article dates to skip feed and time info in the articles list, to speed up processing long lists.
  • The Preferences panel has been reorganised.

The iOS version of News Explorer contains the following additional changes:

  • New option Auto hide navigation bar to auto hide the navigation bar in the article viewer when scrolling upwards, for a completely minimalistic reader experience.
  • New option with the long name Use 'Mark as Favorite' as leading swipe action to adjust to order of the swipe actions in the news article list. This is especially useful for VoiceOver users.
  • Improved usability of the feed list edit modus. The bottom action bar is now always visible, even when nothing is selected.
  • The Add new feed dialog will now close after adding a hashtag Twitter feed.
  • Fixed a crash related to privacy permissions to access the Photo library when saving an image.
  • The preferences in Settings app have been slightly reorganised.

The following change is specific for the tvOS version of News Explorer:

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to items that are set to read without user intervention.

News Explorer 1.8.3
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