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Review of News Explorer on Setapp

News Explorer is now available on Setapp. Or rather, also available on Setapp. The existing channels to purchase News Explorer remain unchanged. If you have never heard of Setapp, then you haven’t visited any Mac related website for the last few weeks, as there was intense media attention for this new concept. Setapp from MacPaw is basically a subscription service for macOS apps. Some say it’s the Netflix for macOS apps. I don’t like that comparison, because I don’t really like Netflix, but otherwise it’s a clarifying statement.

The Quest for the holy grail of Mac apps

A lot of Mac users want a safe, reliable, clean and easy way to find, install and use apps. Apple introduced the Mac App Store for that in 2010. However, nowadays the Mac App Store has become an overcrowded place full of apps of mixed quality, including way too many lousy apps that are just existing webpages in a web viewer. A lot of other apps are simply not available because of the limitations of the Mac App Store, or because the original developers decided to leave the store. There are also some websites that try to list and offer Mac apps, like MacUpdate. But most of these websites, if not all, do feel even more unsafe, unreliable and cluttered than the original Mac App Store.

Setapp as a fresh and solid alternative

With Setapp you get a special folder on your Mac filled with an uncluttered collection of hand-picked high-quality productivity apps. The apps in this folder are initially pointers to the real apps, to save disk space. Clicking on such pointer, or ‘teaser-app’ in MacPaw terminology, opens a preview of that app with some useful info and screenshots. The preview gives you the option to actually download and start the app. After using an app you can delete it if you wish, and you get the original pointer to the app back.


The current state of Setapp

The whole Setapp system looks and feels very well designed and it works fast and reliable. The collection contains some very useful apps for daily use, and a lot of other handy apps that you wouldn’t normally purchase as a single app because they are either too expensive or you don’t need them that often. Everything is now within reach for a small monthly fee. The current collection contains more than 70 apps, but this will grow to about 300 in the coming months.

Try it yourself

The best way to find out whether Setapp is useful to you is to use the free trial. This gives you one month free access to all apps, without any strings attached. Just hit the button below to start your free trial.

News Explorer 1.4.5: Important minor release

News Explorer 1.4.5 for macOS is the first release of the app that can be downloaded and purchased directly from our website. After downloading the app you can try it for free for 7 days. After this trial period, you can decide to purchase a license key from the Betamagic Store or to download the app on the Mac App Store.

But there is more… News Explorer 1.4.5 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Font style and size of the news article viewer can now be adjusted.
  • The font size of the article viewer can easily be changed with new zoom menu items and shortcut keys.
  • Support for HTTP authenticated RSS feeds has been extended with support for Digest HTTP authentication.
  • You can now sort news articles on download date, in addition to the publication date.
  • The 'Add new feed' dialog has been improved, you may now skip the cumbersome 'http' prefix.
  • Implementation of the global 'Unread' filter has been changed, which saves a lot of memory.
  • Nice new About form.
  • And a lot of other technical enhancements.

News Explorer

Net Radar 1.0.2: Betamagic’s first ‘retail’ app

We believe that the Mac App Store is the most user-friendly way of finding, buying and installing software. But from a developer perspective it’s just a bit too restrictive. So we have recently invested some time to develop an internal ‘Retail Framework’ that enables us to distribute macOS software outside the Mac App Store. Net Radar happens to be our first ‘multi-distribution-channels’ app. Why did we invest in a new distribution method?

  1. A lot of macOS customers are used to ‘try before you buy’. This is not really possible with the Mac App Store.
  2. We want to have more freedom regarding the functionality we put in our macOS apps.

As said, Net Radar is our first app that can be directly downloaded from our website. You can try the software for 7 days. After or during this period, you can buy a license key to activate the software, or you can still purchase the software from the Mac App Store. If you buy it directly from us than the whole payment handling is done by FastSpring, a super reliable reseller.

If everything goes well with this first ‘retail’ experiment then we will apply it to some of our other apps. We will offer more trial versions, or even complete new versions that include extra features that are or were not allowed within the Mac App Store.

Net Radar

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