You can buy Betamagic apps from the App Store or directly from us.

News Explorer
macOS edition

The macOS edition of News Explorer works on all your Macs with macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.


News Explorer
Setapp edition

Setapp is a subscription service that gives you instant access to a large collection of high-quality macOS apps, including News Explorer.
The Setapp edition is functionally identical to the macOS edition.

News Explorer
Universal edition

News Explorer is world's first RSS newsreader app that runs on all Apple platforms. One purchase of the universal edition can be installed on all iOS 9.3 devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV 4th generation.

Movie Explorer

Movie Explorer is the number one movie catalog app for every cinema enthusiast with a lot of digital movie and TV show files. The catalog provides a wealth of information and is fully searchable on title, actors, directors and much more.

Download Buddy

Download Buddy frees you and your computer from stress while downloading large numbers of files from the Internet. Downloading takes place with only a few concurrent sessions at the same time, preventing all kinds of nasty issues.

Net Radar

Net Radar monitors your VPN connection internally and externally of your Mac, and warns you when your connection is no longer private.