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iCloud enabled

iCloud synchronization

News Explorer is exclusively built for the Apple’s ecosystem, with automatic iCloud based synchronization of your feed subscriptions and news articles across all your Apple devices.

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Easy to read

Streamlined reading

Easy and fast news reading is the core business of News Explorer. Every step and element of the news reading workflow has been tuned to keep you on track with your news with minimal efforts.

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Easy to expand

Explore for more

Expanding your news universe has been made really easy. New feed subscriptions can be added manually, or by clicking on a RSS URL, or by simply using the powerful built-in feed search feature.

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Your news. Anywhere, anytime.

News Explorer syncs your RSS subscriptions, folder setup, news items, read statuses and favorites across all your Apple devices. You'll always see exactly the same data on all your devices, be it an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch or an Apple TV. Synchronization is based on iCloud. So there is no need to login or to sign up into any other service. It just works out of the box.

News Explorer iCloud

Read, mark, share. And save some for later.

Articles are automatically set to read after a configurable number of seconds, but you can of course also manually set items to read or unread. You can also set all items in a feed or smart filter to read with one click, including a configurable confirmation. All news items and included images can be easily shared by email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, by using the system based share feature (macOS and iOS). News items can be stored for later reading by marking them as favorite. All status changes of news items are synced across all your devices.

News Explorer Easy Read

Reader view. Gives you the complete story.

With Reader view you can download with one click the entire original news article from the web, and read it in a clean and easy-to-read format, within the same article view panel. This is especially usefull for feeds that only gives you a very brief summary of the complete article. You can enable an option to save Reader view data for reuse and even sync it with other devices, including the Apple TV.

News Explorer Reader View

Filter, search and find. Instantly.

The feed subscription list contains some handy smart filters for showing all recent news, unread news and favorites. Furthermore, you can apply global filters to filter all feed subscriptions and news items on unread status or favorite status (macOS and iOS). If you are searching for a particular news item, then you can make use of the full text search feature. This feature works together with the smart and global filters.

News Explorer Full Text Search

Take a new perspective on your news.

The timeline view shows multiple feeds with their stories including large images and text previews, all-in one attractive view, sorted in chronological order. This makes it really easy and fun to find the news articles you're actually interested in for further reading.

News Explorer Timeline

Handoff. Pick up where you left.

When your Mac and iOS devices are within Bluetooth range of each other, they can automatically “hand off” what you’re doing from one device to another. For example, you can start reading a news article on your iPhone, then instantly pick up where you left off in News Explorer on your Mac.

News Explorer Handoff

Themes and fonts. Adjustable to your mood and taste.

The appearance of News Explorer can be adjusted by selecting a theme. You can choose for a careful crafted 'Default' light toned theme for everyday use, a 'Dark' toned theme which can be used in darker surroundings and a 'System' theme based on default system colors.

You can also finetune the font style and size of the article viewer in the macOS and iOS edition of News Explorer.

News Explorer Themes

State of the Art.

News Explorer is constantly being updated, to support the latest Apple inventions and devices, like Retina displays, Handoff, Force Touch, 3D Touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The latest version of News Explorer adds full Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro's.

News Explorer Touch Bar

Easy setup.

News Explorer makes it easy to add new RSS feed subscriptions. You can add them manually by entering a feed URL or website URL with RSS Autodiscovery, or by clicking/tapping on a RSS feed link in a web page or other source (macOS and iOS). However, the fastest way to discover new feeds is by using the built-in search feature, powered by Feedly. Just enter a search phrase and you'll see a list of matching feeds, including brief descriptions of each RSS feed. Then add them to News Explorer with one click or tap.

News Explorer Setup

User Reviews

Amazing App  ★★★★★
Coming from a longtime NetNewsWire user and because I don't share the philosophy behind all these paid rss services, plus the fact that iCloud is well capable of handling the syncing, I must say that this app is actually impressive, it deserves an Apple Editor's Choice for its simplicity, its features and the well implemented syncing with iCloud. This one gets 5 stars from me. This developer rocks!
The RSS reader of my dreams!  ★★★★★
This is a fantastic app for news aggregation. I have been searching for a good one for a while now and stumbled upon News Explorer on my Mac App Store. I love the iPhone app, iPad app and the desktop app. It works seamlessly. I really appreciate the feed search and the interface simplicity. Excellent work!
Finally, the one reader to rule them all  ★★★★★
I don’t write many reviews, but feel compelled to offer some feedback about News Explorer. I maintain a list of several hundred feeds and depend on a reader that can handle a large number of subscriptions with a high level of performance in terms of synchronization and article rendering. I also place a high priority on a reader that is intuitive, unobtrusive and has a modern look and feel. I’ve used all of the available RSS clients and, personally, find that New Explorer absolutely destroys the competition. Having used a range of readers that wound up having at least one or two showstopping limitations that left me wishing for a better option, News Explorer has far exceeded all of my expectations. My previous go to reader was Leaf and this reader is light-years ahead. The $10 price is non-trivial, but you will not be disappointed if you are looking for the best reader (in my opinion) currently available.
News Explorer is a terrific news reader  ★★★★★
I follow roughly a 100 news sites and blogs. I have used a number of different RSS aggregators (there are several great ones out there) but I have just moved over to New Explorer. It is working quite well. There was a small problem that emerged during the first hour or so I used it. I contacted the developer and he immediately solved my problem. I really like the sync function via iCloud; I am running the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad, and the syncing via iCloud has worked without a hitch. The search function is lightning fast. All around effective news reader and great support. A powerful combination.
Excellent!  ★★★★★
This app is great! The syncing works very well. Not only does it allow you to check and mark your RSS feeds on your Apple Watch, you can also read the full text version of the story on your Apple TV later if you download it first on your iPhone.

Media Reviews

Betamagic’s News Explorer brings the latest news from your RSS feeds right to your desktop. (...) News Explorer’s main window sports a fully-customizable layout, and synchronizes all your activities across your devices via iCloud.
Por lo demás creo que es una aplicación muy a tener en cuenta para aquellos que no quieran depender de un servicio externo de sincronización y que se sientan cómodos con el diseño nativo Mac. (...) Sin duda es la novedad más importante y seria que hemos tenido en cuanto a lectores de feeds nativos para Mac e iOS en unos cuantos años.
It’s called News Explorer and it might be the most perfectly simple RSS reader available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Watch. Yep. That’s right. RSS subscriptions sync up automatically between each Apple device– OS X, iOS, and Watch– to deliver up-to-the-minute news headlines, complete with a summary, and a single click gets you the whole shebang.
The app works particularly well for those of us who are inveterate news junkies. It doesn’t take long to have a huge list of RSS subscriptions and while they can be organized however you want and by groups in the sidebar, you may need to search, find, and even filter. That’s built-in, too.
Keep your news sources in the same place and manage them with ease. Within the News Explorer main window, you can easily add new subscriptions by providing the RSS link, or you can rely on the app’s search subscription function.The latter option is great of you don’t want to search for the links on your own: just provide a keyword, and the app will go online and display all available feeds.

Feature comparison

News Explorer is available on all Apple platforms. All editions offer the same core features, including iCloud synchronisation. Not all features are supported on all platforms. This table gives some more insight what to expect for each edition.

Feature macOS iOS tvOS watchOS
iCloud sync
RSS 2.0 feeds
RDF feeds
ATOM feeds
Basic HTTP Authentication
Digest HTTP Authentication
Search feeds
Add feeds manually
Open Feed URLs
Import OPML
Export OPML
Group feeds in folders
Reorder feeds
Reorder folders
List view
Article view
Reader view
Timeline view
Slideshow view
Adjust font type and size
Adjust sorting news articles
Mark as read
Mark all as read
Mark as favorite
Automatic read status
Unread feed badges
Unread app icon badge
Share news article
Share image
Smart filters
Global unread filter
Global favorites filter
Full text search
Spotlight support
Handoff support
Custom storage periods

News Explorer macOS Icon

News Explorer
macOS edition

The macOS version of News Explorer will run on all your Macs with OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later.

Betamagic Store

Also available on the Mac App Store.

News Explorer iOS Icon

News Explorer
universal edition

The App Store version of News Explorer will run on all your iOS 9.3 devices, plus Apple Watch and Apple TV.