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If you love movies, you’ll love Movie Explorer Pro. Now with full support for Blu-ray and other disc formats.

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Movie Explorer Pro Smart Indexing

Smart file indexing

Movie Explorer Pro scans all your internal, external and network drives for digital movie files like mkv, m4v, avi, mp4 and many other formats and saves them in an attractive interactive catalog.

Movie Explorer Pro Movie Metadata

Blu-ray support

Catalog your Blu-rays, 3D Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD discs and even your old DVD’s and HD DVD’s, by simply scanning their barcodes, using the internal FaceTime camera, or by using an external scanner.

Movie Explorer Pro Technical Specifications

Powerful tools

Movie Explorer Pro contains a large collection of powerful catalog management tools, like Queries, Lists, Watch history, PDF, HTML and CSV export, sync, and much more.

Streamlined and easy-to-use.

Movie Explorer Pro scans all your digital video files and maps them to cinema movie titles using smart filename analysis and with data provided by The Movie Database. The resulting catalog with beautiful rendered thumbnails is your starting point to play your movies, get info, enjoy art work, open IMDb and much more.

Adjusting the interface to your personal preferences is just a matter of a few simple clicks. Thumbnail size, sorting and quality are fully adjustable. You can switch between localized or original title display, personal or TMDb rating, and much more.


Catalog your Blu-ray discs.

Add your Blu-rays, 3D Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD discs and your old DVD’s and HD DVD's fast and easy by simply scanning their barcodes.

Movie Explorer Pro features a built-in barcode scanner that utilizes the built-in FaceTime camera, or you can use an external USB barcode scanner. Movie Explorer Pro uses a large internal database cache for matching popular Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD discs, and uses several online sources to match other discs.

You can choose to scan discs one by one, as shown in the short demo video, or in batch modus, for maximum efficiency.


TV Shows view.

The special TV Show view shows all your TV Show files as fully resizable thumbnails, all grouped and sorted by show, season and episode. The TV Shows Sidebar let you easily navigate through all your shows and seasons. Like all other views in Movie Explorer, the TV Show view is fully searchable.

You can easily start playing an episode by double-clicking or hitting the Enter key. By using the context menu you can select the app for playing the selected episode, you can open the Info or Gallery view and you have access to the related information in IMDb and TMDb.


Cast view.

The Cast view is, just like the Crew and Studios views, a special view that shows your catalog from another perspective. The Cast view shows all actors related to your collection.

Cast view shows per selected actor the related movies and TV show seasons in your collection. Just like any other view in Movie Explorer Pro, it's fully searchable and participates in the Sidebar filter system.


Make your own advanced filters.

With Queries, you can make your own smart sidebar filters, using a large set of selection criteria. The Query editor makes it easy to select and combine multiple criteria and conditions.

While working with the Query editor, you can easily check the filter result by hitting the Enter key on the keyboard.

Saved Queries are added to the sidebar for fast access, and you can even assign custom icons to make them easier recognizable. If necessary, you can always edit a Query to tune the criteria and conditions. Queries can be exported to PDF, HTML and CSV files.

Movie Explorer Pro Main Window

Create your own collections.

With Lists you can define and create your own collections. After creating a List, it will be displayed in the sidebar, ready to be filled. With drag-and-drop you can add movies from the Movies view, episodes from the TV Shows view, actors from the Cast view and crew members like directors, writers and producers from the Crew view.

Movie Explorer Pro Blu-rays

Export and share your catalog.

The whole catalog, or a selection, can be exported to PDF, HTML and CSV files. You can choose between various layouts, depending on the chosen entity and file type.

If you like to share just one movie or episode, then you can also use the share button on the toolbar, which will share a summary of the chosen title, or even a specially designed attractive message when using the email share option.

Movie Explorer Pro Main Window

Track what you're watching.

With watch history support you can easily mark episodes, seasons, shows and also movies as 'Watched' or 'Unwatched', and sync with Trakt.

Unwatched items are easily recognizable by their blue colored mark on top of the thumbnail. The History section of the Inspector shows the last watched date, the number of plays and the play progress.

When you use a media player with Trakt support, you'll see your watch activities and play progress reflected in Movie Explorer, thanks to the bidirectionally synchronisation with Trakt.


Track what you want to watch.

The special Watchlist feature makes it easy to track which movies and TV show episodes you'd like to watch in the future. Media items can be easily added or removed from the Watchlist by using the context menu or by using shortcut keys.

When you mark a movie as Watched, then it's automatically removed from the Watchlist. The same happens with episodes, plus the next episode will be automatically added to the Watchlist. There is also a function available to perform an initial population of the Watchlist for all TV shows. All Watchlist mutations are synced bi-directionally with Trakt.


Filter your history.

With the History filter popover menu you can filter on 'Watchlist', Watched', 'Paused' and 'Unwatched'. This filter can be used together with the existing filters and search function in all views of the main window.

The History filters, especially the Watchlist filter, makes it really easy to determine which episode should be watched next or which movies are 'leftover' to watch.


Welcome to the dark side.

Movie Explorer Pro has full support for Dark Mode, as well support for Accent Colors.

Movie Explorer Play

Get an in-depth look.

Press G on the keyboard to open the unique Gallery view, which let you browse through posters, photos and artwork of movies, cast and crew. This view is also the starting point to replace a movie or episode thumbnail with an alternative one.

Movie Explorer Gallery Window

Everything you need to know.

If you want more info about a selected movie, just press I on the keyboard. The attractive designed Info view will pop up, showing all details about the movie, including photos of all actors.

Clicking on an actor will open a new view, showing all related data including posters of all associated movies within your catalog. Likewise, clicking the Director field within the movie info opens the detail view of that director, including thumbnails of all related movies and episodes.

Movie Explorer Info Window

Find your movies fast and easy.

The search box on top of the app is your number one friend to find your movies fast. The search result is updated real-time while you type.


Use any player to start.

Double-click any movie in Movie Explorer and it will be opened by the default associated app. By using the right click context menu, you can choose any video player installed on your Mac for opening a selected movie.

Movie Explorer Play

Get localized, be multilingual.

You can easily adjust the language used for movie and TV show titles, overviews, genres and poster art. There is even an update function to update a full catalog from one language into another language.

Availability of localized movie data cannot be guaranteed for all languages. Therefore you can also set a second language as fallback setting.

Movie Explorer Localized Data
Movie Explorer Pro Smart Indexing

Touch Bar support

The Touch Bar is supported in all major views, with easy access to often used actions like media player, mark as watched, IMDb and more.

Movie Explorer Pro Movie Metadata

100% Native Mac app

Movie Explorer Pro is built on top of native macOS frameworks, and runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel based Macs.

Movie Explorer Pro Technical Specifications

Personal reviews and ratings

Write personal reviews for movies and episodes, assign your own ratings and use them as sidebar filters or as part of Queries.

Movie Explorer Pro Movie Metadata

Highly customizable

Add and remove filters in the sidebar to your exact needs. Adjust thumbnail sizes, change the sorting field, apply sub filters, and much more.

Movie Explorer Pro Smart Indexing

Library lending management

Lend your video discs to your friends, and manage and track this using the built-in library tools and address book integration.

Movie Explorer Pro Technical Specifications

MediaArea metadata

All indexed media files are saved to the database together with useful technical audio, video and subtitles metadata.

Movie Explorer Editions

Movie Explorer is available in two editions, standard and professional. The standard version is upgradeable to Movie Explorer Pro with a monthly or yearly subscription. Movie Explorer Pro is also available as a standalone app, if you prefer to pay upfront.

The free standard edition is all you need if you only want to catalog your digital movie files. But if you also want to catalog TV Show files, Blu-rays, DVD's, and other disc formats, or you need advanced catalog features, then you'll need to upgrade to the professional edition.

You can try Movie Explorer Pro by using the fully functional, automatically ending 14-day trial in the standard edition. This means that you can try Movie Explorer Pro for free, even if you plan to buy the standalone edition.

Feature Movie Explorer Pro
Movie Explorer
+Pro subscription
Movie Explorer
   Cinema video files indexing
   Cast view
   Crew view
   Studios view
   Files view
   Info view
   Gallery view
   Cinema metadata localization
   Starting point to play video files
   Backup and restore catalog database
   TV Show video files indexing
   TV Shows view
   Blu-ray video discs indexing
   3D Blu-ray video discs indexing
   4K Ultra HD video discs indexing
   DVD video discs indexing
   HD DVD video discs indexing
   Built-in barcode scanner
   Discs view and editor
   Import Apple TV / iTunes library
   Disc copy on hard-drive indexing
   Watch history tracking and filters synchronization
   Watchlist support
   Custom filters with Queries
   Custom collections with Lists
   Personal reviews and ratings
   Export to PDF, HTML and CSV
   Share button
   Library lending management
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