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News Explorer 1.8.4: Usability improvements and fixes

News Explorer 1.8.4 contains new features focused on usability, quite a few compatibility improvements and some bug fixes.

All editions

The following improvements are implemented in all editions of News Explorer:

  • The image extraction engine supports now urls with query parameters. In the previous version, the query parameters were omitted, which sometimes resulted in 'Invalid images'.
  • Images based on relative links are now properly displayed. The previous version only showed a dreaded question mark icon for this kind of image.
  • Improved support for feeds without unique article identifiers.

The following changes are specific for the macOS version of News Explorer:

  • A new setting Article width has been added to Viewer settings in the Preferences panel. With this, you can adjust the maximum width of the article in the standard article viewer.
  • Added support for Smart zoom in the article viewer. To use this, you must enable 'Smart zoom' in the Mouse or Trackpad settings in System Preferences of macOS.
  • Improved navigation with the space bar key. With the space bar key you kan easily navigate from article to article, with automatic scrolling of articles when needed. The improved navigation concerns automatic opening of the first article in the next feed list when you have reached the last article in the current feed.
  • Improved support for opening relative links in articles.
  • Fixed a full-screen bug when using the System theme.
  • Fixed a bug with unfavouriting an article with an active Favorites filter.
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing read items during a sync session.
  • Fixed non-working 'Clicking article title' setting.

News Explorer 1.8.4

The iOS version of News Explorer contains the following additional changes:

  • A new Black theme has been added to the Theme settings panel. This theme is optimised for the iPhone X OLED display, but is also usable on other iOS devices. With the 'Black' theme, all background colors in the main views are 100% black instead of gray tones and all fonts uses light-gray color tones.
  • A new option Show small title has been added to the Article viewer settings. When enabled, the article header is rendered with a smaller font, which is especially useful on smaller iPhone screens.
  • Improved support for opening relative links in articles.
  • Improved article scrolling.

News Explorer 1.8.4

The watchOS version of News Explorer contains also some new features:

  • New Force Touch action Show Reader to generate a Reader view for the current article on the Apple Watch.
  • New option Skip images in the Apple Watch settings on the iPhone. When enabled, articles are displayed without images on the Apple Watch.
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