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News Explorer 1.8.9: Extended theme popover, and more

News Explorer 1.8.9 for iOS contains a massive list of small but useful new features, plus some improvements and tweaks to existing features.

Article viewer improvements

The article viewer has been extended and improved with the following features:

  • You can now navigate between articles with an animated horizontal, vertical or page curl swipe gesture. The gesture type can be set in News Explorer section of the Settings app.
  • The Theme settings popover panel has been extended. You can now set the font size and weight of the article title.
  • The styling of the viewer has been modernized with new default font settings, featuring bold article titles and no separator line. This can be adjusted or reversed in the updated Theme popover, in case you hate this.
  • Poster images are now shown on top, instead of the bottom of the article
  • Added support for the zoom pinch gesture in the article viewer. You can also double-tap to enlarge the tapped item to the maximum screen width.
  • Option to play HTML5 videos inline, instead of full screen. This option is part of the said settings.
  • Option to automatically hide the toolbar. This was always enabled in the previous versions, so you can now switch it off.
  • Support for repetitive opening of articles by long pressing the browse buttons in the article viewer.
  • The long press repeat rate can be set in the Navigation section of the News Explorer Settings.

News Explorer 1.8.9
Article list improvements

The article list contains the following new features and improvements:

  • The number of preview lines in the article list can now be set. You can choose between 0 and 10 lines.
  • The width of the article list on the iPad can now be further reduced to 280 pixels.
  • New option to use a slightly larger font in the article list.
  • You can now copy the feed address or feed icon by using one of the article list context menu items.
Other improvements

The rest of the app has been extended with the following new features, improvements and fixes:

  • New Feed Manager panel, which let you select which feeds should be part of background app refresh and notifications.
  • You can now start the app using scheme "news-explorer://“. This can for example be used in the Workflow app of Apple.
  • Enhanced correction of incorrectly encoded feeds.
  • Added support for feeds with dates with two digits year numbers.
  • Extended support for RDF feeds.
  • Feeds with too many white spaces in URLs are now also supported.
  • Some iPad specific bugs has been solved, that happened when you started the app in portrait orientation.
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