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News Explorer 1.9.4: New fonts and more

With version 1.9.4 of News Explorer, we wanted to improve the reading experience of the Article viewer. We did this by adding 26 new fonts to the article viewer font collection, selected from the Google Fonts collection based on legibility and overall design quality. You need an internet connection to use these fonts, although in most cases the fonts remain cached once they are downloaded.

Furthermore we added options to combine a serif body font with sans serif article title and article headers. The new fonts contain 6 serif fonts with matching sans serif fonts. If you select any other serif font, it will be combined with the system font, San Fransisco.

In addition to the new fonts, we improved support for titleless articles commonly found in microblogs.


The macOS version of News Explorer 1.9.4 contains the following additional changes:

  • Removed warning when there is no internet connection when syncing.
  • Added support for running cookieless YouTube videos in full screen.
  • Added support for printing articles opened in a separate window.

News Explorer 1.9.4


The iOS version of News Explorer 1.9.4 contains the following additional changes:

  • Fixed flashing white line glitch when using the standard light theme.
  • You can now navigate back by swiping from the left edge to the middle, even when the navigation bar is hidden.
  • The navigation bar in the article viewer is now default hidden when you scroll upstairs. This change can be reversed in the Reading section of the News Explorer preferences in the Settings app of iOS.
  • The navigation bar and toolbar, once hidden, are now not being restored when you navigate to the next article by swiping or, when using an iPad, select another article in the article list. This can also be reversed in the said Reading section of the preferences.


You can now open articles in the watchOS app without warnings when you are disconnected from your iPhone.

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