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Movie Explorer 1.8.1: Improvements and fixes

While updating the Movie Explorer product page to version 1.8, we discovered a number of problems with this new version which were not detected during our regular test routine. So we decided to release version 1.8.1, with bug fixes plus some new extras.

New features

The following new features are added:

  • New options to delete Internet and image cache. These options can be found in the Advanced tab of the Movie Explorer Preferences.
  • New option to delete a TV show and all related data from the database. To do this, right-click on the TV show in the TV Shows sidebar in the TV Shows view, and click on the 'Delete from Catalog' menu item.
  • You can now add multiple drives with the same volume name. If you do this, you still get a warning, but you can now choose to ignore this warning.
  • TV show and season poster can now be adjusted. To do this, open the Gallery viewer after selecting the correct TV show or season, and right click on an image of your liking, and choose the 'Use Image as Thumbnail' menu item.
  • The banner above TV shows and seasons can now be adjusted via a new right-click context menu. More info about banners can be found in the help page.
Tweaks and fixes

The following has been improved or fixed:

  • Use of cache during TV shows scanning has been improved. All detected files in a location are now alphabetically sorted, before the actual indexing starts. This results in longer reuse of the same cache information, and less Internet traffic.
  • Improved image download logic. When an image download action times out, an automatic retry is being performed, with a maximum of 10.
  • Several other improvements and fixes, mostly related to better handling of updated or removed media data, especially in the new updated Cast, Crew and Studios views.

Movie Explorer 1.8.1
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