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Movie Explorer 1.8.2: Even more improvements and fixes

Based on feedback from some users on the previous version of Movie Explorer, we decided to release version 1.8.2, in order to fix two bugs that managed to get unnoticed during our internal tests. And when we release a new version, we like to do add some new features, to keep it interesting for all users.

New features

The following new features are added:

  • New Use lightweight shadow setting in the View settings of the Movies and TV Shows views. When enabled, the thumbnails are rendered with a much lighter and smaller shadow. This results in a better scrolling performance.
  • You can now sort on Original Title in all views. In all views, except the Files view, you can set the sorting in the View settings, menu View > View Options. In the Files view, you must first add the column to the table by using the context menu on one of the table headers. After adding the new column, you can sort it by clicking on the column header.
  • You can now display a Released column in the Files view. This field is also initially hidden and must be added via the context menu of the column headers. Once added, you can sort it by clicking on the header.
Tweaks and fixes

The following has been improved or fixed:

  • Scrolling of the Movies view is much smoother now, especially under macOS 11.13.
  • Recognition of ‘Over Under’ 3D files has been improved.
  • A bug causing a crash with some movie titles in the Cast and Crew views, has been solved.
  • A bug causing a crash with some filenames when indexing using the new 'Used embedded metadata', has been solved.

Movie Explorer 1.8.2
More ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ needed!

To enhance the visibility of Movie Explorer in the Mac App Store, as in being displayed with the eye-catching orange rating stars, we need still some more ratings. To be displayed with the said stars, we need at least 5 ratings per country. So if you like Movie Explorer, spend a few moments to leave a rating or review. Thank you!

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