Movie Explorer

Frequently asked questions

As a start, make sure your media files are using the correct naming conventions, as explained here, in the 'Get started' section.

Short summary:

  • Movies should start with the title, then the release year, and then the rest, like 'Nice movie 2016.mp4'.
  • Episodes must start with the name of the show, then the season and episode number in sXXeXX format, and then the rest, like 'Nice show s01e07.mp4'.
  • Refresh the location after correcting files names.

When you're still out of luck, you can use the manual match function. This is explained here, in the 'Rematch files' section.

Short summary:

  • Go to Files view.
  • Select the movie.
  • Press M on your keyboard.
  • Follow instructions.

When searching for movies or episodes, make sure you use the correct naming conventions, as described above. If it turns out that the movie or episode is not available, then please follow the instructions below, in section 'Can I manually add movie titles or edit movie data in Movie Explorer?'.

Short summary:

  • Go to TMDb.
  • Login or make a new account.
  • Add missing stuff.
  • Wait a moment and refresh your source location.

Perform these steps to get an overview of all unmatched media files:

  1. Open the Files view in Movie Explorer. This is the last tab bar icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click on the Title column header. This will adjust the sorting.
  3. Click again on the Title column header until the files without a title are shown on top.

To match these files, select a file and open the Match dialog by pressing the M key on your keyboard.

The current version of Movie Explorer does only support indexing of video media based on monolithic files. You can use the following workaround to add other media types:

  1. Open TextEdit or another text editor and add some random text.
  2. Save this file with a name that stands for a valid movie file name, for example "Winter Sleep 2014.mp4". Make sure that the file extension is correct.
  3. Scan the folder where these dummy files are located by adding it as a new Location (click on the + icon in the toolbar).
  4. Enjoy your semi-manually added movies!

When you set a season or whole TV show to 'Watched', syncs with and then decide to undo this, you may experience issues with the service. The result of this undo action (setting back the status of a season or TV show to 'Unwatched) is correctly displayed in the site but incorrectly in Movie Explorer, after syncing with This problem is caused by a data cache used by the service. After uploading the mutated data to, Movie Explorer downloads the latest status of all movies from This download contains cached old data from the previous mutation (setting the same season or TV show to 'Watched'), which overwrites new data in Movie Explorer.

To prevent this, you should either wait for about 30 minutes, or you should try to invalidate the cache by first mutating another episode, before you try again.

Try one of the following tips, from easy to complicated, to resolve issues during purchasing In-app products:

  • Restart your Mac and retry the purchase.
  • Make sure that you're actually able to buy stuff in the Mac App Store. If you're using a brand new Mac for example you must enter some additional credit card info to start your first purchase on that machine.
  • Open the Mac App Store and do this:
    1. Choose Store > Log out from the menu.
    2. Login again via the same menu.
    3. Retry the purchase.
  • Reinstall the app by following these steps:
    1. Open the Applications folder.
    2. Move the app to the Recycle bin.
    3. Empty the Recycle bin.
    4. Restart your Mac.
    5. Re-install the app from the Mac App Store.
    6. Retry the purchase.

If the path to your movie files changes, for example after copying them to a new hard disk, then you need to perform the following procedure:

  1. Start Movie Explorer.
  2. Select the Location in the sidebar that should be fixed.
  3. Click on the right mouse button.
  4. While doing so hit the Alt key on the keyboard.
  5. Choose "Restore..."
  6. Follow the instructions.

This will restore the sandbox security string in the Movie Explorer database for the selected movie source location without changing the rest of the database content.

Short answer: No. First make sure that the title is indeed missing or incorrect by using the 'Search matching movie' context menu item in the Files view.

Missing data

Missing cinema movie and TV show titles should be added to the source used by Movie Explorer, which is TMDb. Just browse to TMDb and click on the '+ Add New Movie' menu item on top of the page. You must be logged in to add new data. If you don't have a TMDb account, then you can sign up for free. Follow the instructions to add a new title and save your addition. Then perform a rescan of the source location in Movie Explorer. It may take some time before the newly added title is available.

Incorrect data

Incorrect cinema movie and TV show data should also be adjusted in TMDb. Open your browser and go to TMDb. Then search for the movie that you want to correct. You must be logged in to edit any data. If you don't have an account, then you can sign up for free. After saving your changes, it will take some time before they are available via the data source. Before performing a rescan of the source location, you should first remove the movie from the catalog by using the right click 'Delete from Catalog' context menu in the Movies or TV Shows view. After the rescan, the updated movie should appear back in your catalog.


You can also add posters and other artwork to movies and TV shows in TMDb. This works similar to correcting movie and TV show data as discussed above. To update the local image cache for a selected movie or TV show, open the Gallery and choose 'Reload Images' in the right-click context menu.

Shortcut to TMDb

If you contribute a lot to TMDb then it's good to know that there is a shortcut in Movie Explorer to jump from a movie straight to the corresponding page in TMDb:

  • Select the movie or episode you want to edit in TMDb
  • Press ⌥ (Alt) and D on the keyboard.
  • The associated data in TMDb will be displayed in your default browser.

The data is saved in:

~/Library/Containers/betamagic.Movie-Explorer/Data/Library/Application Support/betamagic.Movie_Explorer

Just paste this in the 'Go to folder...' dialog of the Finder (under the Go menu).

Moving the database to another location is not supported by the app.

The images are cached in:


To remove all Movie Explorer data from your Mac, you'll need to delete the local Sandbox container folder:

  • Start Finder, choose Go > Go to folder from the menu and copy & paste this string:
  • Choose Go
  • Move folder betamagic.Movie-Explorer to the Trash can.
  • Empty the Trash can.

Movie Explorer is still work in progress. Exciting new features and enhancements will be added in upcoming versions of Movie Explorer.

The current version of Movie Explorer (1.8.4) contains the following known issues:

  • Searching during scanning does not work properly.
  • The text within the embedded sidebar of the TV Shows, Cast, Crew and Studios views is sometimes rendered in dark gray instead of white. Reselecting the filter in the main sidebar solves this issue. The exact cause and reproduction scenario are currently unknown.
  • Sometimes all customization settings are lost during usage of the app in macOS High Sierra. Simply restarting the app restores all settings. This issue is caused by a bug in macOS 10.13.2 and older. Updating to macOS 10.13.3 or newer solves this problem.

Please send a message to the developer if you encounter other reproducible issues.