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The first VPN monitor for iOS that double-checks the status of your VPN connection.

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Safety first

Safety first

When you use a VPN connection, you want to be 100% sure that it's working as expected. Net Radar gives you insight in the real status of your VPN connection.

Easy to setup

Team player

Net Radar works with all VPN protocols and responds real-time to connection changes made in dedicated VPN apps when used side-by-side.



Net Radar shows you the current VPN status, public IP number and associated geographical location, and gives a quick insight into your connection history.

Trust is good.
But control is still better.

Net Radar monitors your VPN connection status 'inside' your iPad or iPhone by tracking and checking multiple VPN specific network configuration aspects. After each detected configuration change it uses an external GeoIP service to look at your Internet connection from the 'outside'. When both sides indicate a working VPN connection, then Net Radar will display the connection as safe.

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Works perfectly together.

Net Radar is fully optimized to be used in split screen modus. This makes it ideal to use Net Radar side-by-side with your favorite VPN app. The effect of each connection change made in your VPN app will be immediately visible in Net Radar.

Net Radar Setup

Track your connection history.
If you want to.

The Console module of Net Radar is default disabled to protect your privacy. When activated, it will log each connection and VPN status change, including all relevant details. If you want you can even make an export to CSV compatible apps like Numbers and Excel. The logging database can be wiped out with one simple tap.

Net Radar Warning

Super handy widget.
For super quick access.

Net Radar includes a handy widget that can be easily accessed from the Today view, Lock screen and Search screen. It offers a compact but complete overview of the current connection, public IP number, geographical location and VPN status.

Net Radar Setup
Safety first

Automatic setup

Thanks to the automatic setup there is nothing you have to do, to start using Net Radar. But if you like, there is still enough to tweak and customize.

Easy to setup

Public IP address

You can use Net Radar to track only the public IP address of your internet connection by disabling the VPN connection monitoring function.


Geographical location

Net Radar can be used to track the geographical location of your internet connection, including city, region and country names.

Safety first

Safeguard interval

You can set a periodical refresh interval on top of the built-in automatic connection change detection, as an extra safeguard.

Easy to setup

Highly customizable

A lot of visual and functional aspects of Net Radar can be adjusted and fine tuned in the Settings tab view.


Universal app

Net Radar has been optimized to work on all screen sizes of all available iPhones and iPads, including all split-view configurations.

Net Radar Editions

Net Radar is available as iOS app, as discussed on this page, as macOS app and as add-on in Download Buddy. This matrix compares the three editions:

Feature Net Radar
iOS edition
Net Radar
macOS edition
Net Radar
Detects and shows the status of your VPN connection
Shows public IP address and geographical location of your internet connection
Works with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, WireGuard and IKEv2 connections
Monitors your internet connection in the background Limited
Built-in logging console
Today widget with essential connection data
Shows a modal warning when your VPN connection goes down
Stops all active downloads in Download Buddy when your VPN connection goes down
Available in the App Store
Available in the Mac App Store
Available in the Betamagic Store
Available as In-app purchase in Download Buddy
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