Net Radar Add-on

Protects you against unprotected downloading.
Fully based on Net Radar technology.

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Safety first

Safety first

When you have to use a VPN connection while downloading files, you'll want to be 100% sure that the VPN service is working properly during all download sessions.

Proactive protected

Proactive protected

Download Buddy stops all downloads when the Net Radar Add-on detects a non-working VPN connection. And resumes as soon as the connection has been restored.

Just a few steps

Easy to setup

Net Radar monitors your VPN connection on two levels. To set up the second level, the Net Radar Setup Assistant will guide you through some easy to follow steps.

Monitors your VPN. Inside out.

The Net Radar Add-on checks VPN connections on two levels. Internally it monitors all VPN related network changes on your Mac. After each change an external GeoIP service is called to determine the new public IP address, geographical location and other metadata of your new connection. The final status of your VPN connection is based on the internal and the retrieved external data. Learn more »

Net Radar Add-on

Stops automatically. Resumes automatically.

Download Buddy stops automatically all active downloads when a non-working VPN connection has been detected by the Net Radar Add-on. A clear warning message will be presented, with a list of actions that you could do to solve the blocked downloads. As soon as the VPN connection is back and working correctly, all previously active downloads are resumed automatically. If you didn't click away the warning message, then this is automatically done for you.

Net Radar Add-on

Easy to setup. Just a few clicks.

After purchasing the Net Radar Add-on, the Net Radar Setup Assistant will appear. It will essentially help you to configure two things: the selection of a GeoIP server that matches best with your location and VPN service, and, using the selected GeoIP server, record metadata about your default unprotected internet connection. This data is being used as a baseline to determine if an active VPN connection is actually private or not.

Net Radar Add-on

Net Radar Editions

Net Radar is available as iOS app, as discussed on this page, as macOS app and as add-on in Download Buddy. This matrix compares the three editions:

Feature Net Radar
iOS edition
Net Radar
macOS edition
Net Radar
Detects and shows the status of your VPN connection
Shows public IP address and geographical location of your internet connection
Works with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, WireGuard and IKEv2 connections
Monitors your internet connection in the background Limited
Built-in logging console
Today widget with essential connection data
Shows a modal warning when your VPN connection goes down
Stops all active downloads in Download Buddy when your VPN connection goes down
Available in the App Store
Available in the Mac App Store
Available in the Betamagic Store
Available as In-app purchase in Download Buddy
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Get started

You can buy the Net Radar Add-on described above as an In-app purchase within the Download Buddy app. Click on the 'In App-Purchases' menu item under the main 'Download Buddy' menu. After buying this add-on, it will be activated immediately.

The Net Radar Add-on is based on technology from the standalone Net Radar app, but does not depend on it. The Add-on works both with and without installing the standalone app.

To get started, simply follow the instruction from the Net Radar Setup Assistant, that will be started automatically after buying the Net Radar Add-on.

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