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El Capitan glitch with Download Buddy

During testing of the upcoming new version of Download Buddy, a problem has been discovered that also affects the current version of Download Buddy. The Add to Download Buddy system menu item is not immediately visible after installation of the app. This is a bit disappointing, because it's one of the USP's of the app. Happily there is a very simple workaround: the menu item becomes visible after a restart of your Mac or after a log-out/log-in cycle. We hope that this issue will be solved by Apple in an upcoming update of OS X.

Movie Explorer 1.4.4 released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes an issue with file scanning on OS X 10.9.
  • Main window is now refreshed after re-activation.
  • Deletion of a file location has been improved.
  • Mapping between a movie and multiple locations has been restored.

Download Buddy 1.7.1 released

This update solves 2 issues with Download Buddy running on the upcoming version of OS X:

  • Addition of a policy setting to allow downloading regular HTTP sources.
  • Adjustments to the Resume download implementation to restore the support for resuming of downloading after pausing or canceling. Support for resuming after a restart or crash of the computer will be restored in a future version.

Movie Explorer 1.4.3 released

Syncing of movies and TV shows especially is now a lot faster. This is the result of the following changes:

  • Improved sync logic and use of smart data caching.
  • Movies, shows, seasons and episodes are only populated once.
  • Cast and crew on season level are now associated to the season instead of all individual episodes.
  • Updated data model to support cast and crew on season level.
  • Reduction of data service calls.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for filenames with square brackets.
  • Filenames including 'cd1' and 'cd2' are now properly recognised.
  • Improved handling of the rate limiting of the TMDb service.
  • Removed superfluous warnings about lost network connections.

Movie Explorer 1.4.2 released

Version 1.4.2 of Movie Explorer is a small update that contains the following improvements:

  • Fixes an issue that caused a crash during scanning of TV show files.
  • Strings with commas are now properly formatted in CSV export.
  • TV show data are now included in CSV export.

Movie Explorer 1.4.1 released

Version 1.4.1 contains the following changes:

  • TV show files using the 0x00 naming convention are now properly recognised, in addition to the default s00e00 naming convention. Please read the Help page for more details.
  • Memory usage of the file scanner has been improved.
  • Website links stored without an HTTP prefix can now be opened without errors or warnings.

Movie Explorer 1.4 released

Version 1.4 is a rather large update that contains the following new features:

Support for TV Shows

The all new TV Shows module will extend the file scanner with new capabilities to properly recognize TV Shows. It will collect specific TV Show data and present them in the new dedicated TV Shows view. This view shows all your TV Shows grouped by show and season, and sorted by episode. Furthermore, all views in the app have been extended to show specific TV Show data and images. This module is available as an In-app purchase. Click here for more info and screenshots.

Revamped Movies view

The Movies view has been completely rewritten in order to be faster and more flexible. You can now resize thumbnails from small to extremely large. In addition, you can set the quality of the thumbnails. Low quality will result in short download times with less stress on local storage, but will also be less sharp. Higher quality settings will result in the opposite.

Other improvements

  • The visibility of the columns in the Cast, Crew and Studios view can be configured by using the right-click context menu on the table view headers.
  • The TMDb data source page can now be opened for movies and TV shows by using the Alt key on the IMDb context menu item.
  • Added extra metadata columns to the Files view.
  • Enhanced detection of movie titles that are year numbers, like '1984'.
  • Improved support for non US keyboard layouts.
  • Added support for double-clicking to confirm a match in the Match dialog.
  • Tweaked content update mechanism to prevent unnecessary data refreshes.
  • Added missing genre and flag icons.

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